Infant Feeding and Bottle Aversion

Feeding is instinctual to babies, but that doesn’t mean that it always goes smoothly. Read more about red flags to look for that may indicate your infant is having difficulty with feeding.

Picky Toddlers and Kids

Are you concerned with the number and type of foods your toddler or child is eating? Read more about how we approach therapy to create an enjoyable mealtime environment.

Myofunctional Therapy

Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders (OMDs) occur when our muscles and joints don’t work together properly. Read more for signs of OMDs that may be impacting your health.

Speech and Language

We address a variety of speech and language needs, including articulation (speech sounds), late talkers, Augmentative and Alternative Communication), and reading and literacy.

1:1 with Christine

Sometimes, traditional therapy isn’t enough. Book virtual 1:1 sessions with Christine to discuss anything related to your child, including parenting, mindset, and feeding.

Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP)

What if we told you that your child could become more open to therapy while sleeping? That’s exactly what this is for; SPP is a resource that prepares your child for hard work and growth