Picky Plate to Clean Slate




Stop and read this before going any further…

#BEST FOOD THERAPIST EVER… compassionate, kind and caring. We are so grateful to have found a therapist that really understands our child and works with us as a family to accomplish our goals.

– Trisha

Are you tired of feeling…

  • Like your child doesn’t eat anything healthy
  • Like every meal is a battle
  • Frustrated because you haven’t had success introducing new foods
  • Exhausted from cooking multiple meals
  • Annoyed you spent money buying food that goes to waste
  • Envious of the Insta-perfect families with plates full of veggies
  • Feeling helpless on how to move forward without causes more stress at mealtimes

Look, we know that you’ve already put your heart and soul into getting your child to be less of a picky eater. You’ve tried being playful with food, feeding therapy, and even taking the pressure off and just letting your child guide the feeding experience.

But, up until this point, you feel like you’re getting further and further away from the stress-free mealtimes you dream of having.

You’re exhausted because you don’t know why your child is a picky-eater in the first place, or where to even start other than calling a food therapist. 

And, what you may not realize is that your own stress and fear could actually be pushing your child further from your goal of a stress-free mealtime.

Take a deep breath and keep reading, because there IS hope.

Picture your child:

  • Eating healthy and nutritious food – not just buttered noodles or PB&J
  • Thriving because they’re getting the nutrients they need
  • Discovering new foods because they’re curious
  • Partaking in the family meal, instead of eating from an entirely different plate of food
  • Enjoying the food served at a party or a family get-together
  • Never negotiating over mealtimes 

Well, this is a program for mommas of picky eaters
who are ready to take the reins at mealtimes
and transform their child’s eating habits for good.

When you implement the Picky Plate to Clean Slate system, your mealtimes will become family bonding events, you’ll experience less mealtime stress, and your kids will become open to trying new foods while they expand their diet.

How is Picky Plate to Clean Slate different?

This is the ONLY program of its kind that…

  • Is easy for parents to understand. There’s no technical jargon. We explain everything you need to know in parent friendly terms
  • Gives clear step by step instructions and resources to show you how to get results and meet your goals
  • Teaches you how to be your own therapist and feel informed and confident in the strategies 
  • Is built specifically for PARENTS to teach you how to change your child’s mindset! Not just how to play with food, provide foods that are high in calories, or other basic strategies you already know
  • Will help teach you how to turn your picky eater into a child who enjoys mealtimes and eats healthy foods! We want a fresh start for you, or a clean slate if you will. The relationship your child and you have with mealtimes is not healthy, but we are starting fresh now!

What You Will Learn

In Picky Plate to Clean Slate, you will learn to understand your child’s unique challenges and how to take control and remediate them. We will teach you strategies to get into your child’s head about food and start changing their mindset, get your child’s body ready to eat, chain foods, identify food triggers and patterns, optimize your environment, and build from “take a bite” to completing meals.

Food on forks

1) Pre-Eating Issues

Before you make a plan, you need to know where you are going and the exact issues you are starting with. We dive into your goals for you and for your child.

2) Body Ready

 In this module, we discuss the issues in the body that prevent kids from eating successfully. We talk about the why and the how and start making some changes in your environment. Here you learn about how to overcome sensory challenges.

3) Parental Role

We go over what your role is and how to implement all the strategies with success and ease. You will learn exactly which foods to try and not to try that will lead to success.

4) Mealtime Mindset

Now that you have the plan, the knowledge and the strategies, it’s time to change everyone’s mindset about food. This is what will catapult your child into bigger gains.

5) Oral Motor Control

Learn about the oral motor component. We teach you how to use food and tools to create success based on your unique child and their specific oral motor needs.

6) Creating Successful Mealtimes

We bring everything we learned together and work on how to ensure your meals are happy for a lifetime.

7) From 1 Bite to Empty Plate

We talk about how to build efficient eating, troubleshoot problems, eliminate distractions, and what to do when challenges arise.

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Ready to start your journey to successful mealtimes?

The 5 most common beliefs that have kept families from seeing progress

  • “I’m not the professional” (You’re the parent who feeds your child all the time! You don’t have to be an expert in feeding to implement the strategies; you just need the knowledge and background)
  • “I don’t know where to start – there are so many different options” (Most people focused on the what, but not the why. When you know the why, you can determine if that would benefit your child or not)
  • “I don’t have time” (We know you’re crazy busy, but having a child who is anxious around food actually makes your days harder than they have to be. Having a happy mealtime will actually decrease your stress!)
  • “I have tried feeding therapy and it didn’t work” (Some therapists are well meaning, but they may not have the extensive training it takes to tease out the real issues. This course will teach you how to identify the why.)
  • “My child won’t do it for me, it needs to come from someone else to work” (While this may seem true, the issue is really that we need to identify what and why therapists do what they do, so you can implement this at home in a way that will work for your family.)
What’s Included
Healthy food selection
100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back GuaranteeI am confident that you’ll love this course and this investment will change not just your life, but your child’s life. But I totally understand if you’re feeling uncertain. You can rest assured that I have an iron-clad guarantee that makes this a 100% no-risk choice.
If, after two weeks you decide that it’s not for you, I’ll refund 100% of your tuition – no questions asked, no hard feelings, nothing but well wishes. That’s how confident I am in the quality we provide and the value you receive through this program! Just our evaluation alone will give you clarity and information that is usually life changing to most. 
I want you to feel amazing about making this investment in your child and their health. So if you try it out and it isn’t for you, then nothing lost.

Virtual 1:1

A 1:1 virtual meeting, up to 2 hours, to discuss your child’s history in detail, including all past and present feeding issues ($550 value)

Personalized Roadmap

A personalized roadmap that will help guide and focus your energy and time in your and your child’s new feeding journey ($250 value)

7 Modules of Lessons

7 modules to overcoming mealtime challenges that focus on mealtime (before, during, & after), your role, and mealtime mindset

3x 1:1 Calls

Three 1:1 calls, up to 60-minutes each, to discuss and help you troubleshoot any challenges that you’re having ($645 value)

Unlimited Email Access

Unlimited email access to your own personal feeding coach for 6 months to implement strategies or answer questions ($799 value)

Lifetime access to the course!

Lifetime access to the course! Come back anytime to refresh your memory whenever you would like and use it for all of your children.

Work at your own pace

You can go at your own pace through this course and complete it on your time. There is no scheduling or driving to appointments

Bonus Offering for Pay-in-Full

Bonus: Pay in full and you receive a bonus 1:1 call, up to 60-minutes, to discuss your needs ($215 value)

Bonus Offering for VIP Package

Gain access to our Safe and Sound protocol for 8 months, which helps the body for growth ($499 value)