Manifest the Best for Your Child

So you want to be able to afford the best care for your kids?

Are you ready to stop wasting your time trying to convince your insurance company of what’s best for your family’s health?

My name is Christine Miroddi Yoder and I want to personally help you manifest money and abundance by shifting your thoughts and energy so you can easily afford the right care for your children’s needs. Because, I’ve found when money gets into the hands of moms, it doesn’t just help their families, but it can change the entire world!

Imagine this, mama:

Seeing your child play, laugh, and smile more often because they feel healthy

  • Watching as your child thrives because they’re getting the kind of care that actually addresses their specific health issues
  • Working with health professionals you trust who are committed to your family’s health and positive results
  • Paying for every test, office visit, therapy, medication and supplement without a second thought
  • Peace within your household around mealtimes while your family enjoys nourishing food

Oh, and being able to afford not just the right healthcare, but the best of what life has to offer!!

Food on forks

Look, we know that you’ve been fighting the good fight to get your family the care they need.

You’ve been researching help, making endless calls, scheduling appointments and making time to see the right professionals.

You’re even watching your finances and saving up for copays and out of pocket costs – because health and healing are a top priority.

But, up until this point, you have to admit that actually paying for everything your kids need has felt incredibly stressful because the only way to come by that money is through your job and sometimes even tapping into your retirement account.

Or, at least, that’s what you believe …

But it’s time for a reality check.

The solution to affording the care your family needs isn’t working harder or putting in more hours.

If you believe this, what you need to know is that your mindset around money is all wrong and it’s time to expand your beliefs about what’s possible.

Just imagine if money wasn’t an issue that stood between where you’re at now and getting the right medical care for your child.

Ready to finally manifest the money you need for the best healthcare?

Food on forks
Food on forks

How To Manifest the Best Help For Your Kids

A program for parents who want to create financial independence from the hassle of insurance companies so they can fully expand their options for the best care.

When you learn how to easily manifest money for your family’s medical care, you won’t ever have to fight with an insurance company, you won’t ever flinch over a deductible or copay, and you can choose the best provider and actually get the results your child needs.

Unlike other manifestation programs that require a ton of time and energy, I understand that – as a busy parent – you need a system that allows you to learn what you need in as little time as possible so you can create fast results. How To Manifest the Best Help For Your Kids is filled with the same principles I used to successfully manifest the money I needed to pay for the best medical care for my child.

The Mechanics & Science of Manifesting

Learn how your thoughts, energy, and existing beliefs about money may be shaping your current reality. Break free from old patterns and brace yourself for a major energetic shake-up as you re-learn how to step into a life of abundance.

The 5 Steps to Manifesting

We have a proven process that will help you shift from beliefs that hold money away from you to opening a clear channel to receive everything you need. You will learn specifically what to do and what NOT to do to ensure your success with manifesting.

Troubleshooting Manifestation Roadblocks

Learning how to manifest financial abundance is a process that’s going to require you to question beliefs you probably have had for almost your entire life – this work is no joke! So, to help you become a powerful manifestor, we’ll show you how to overcome some common blocks that stand in the way of getting the medical care your family needs.

Plus a BONUS Module!! Key Manifestation Tips

Learning new skills and reprogramming beliefs doesn’t have to be a difficult process … but it’s still a process. To help you incorporate these manifesting strategies more easily, I’ll show you the important strategies you need to be successful.

I'm ready to receive my money!

If you are ready to learn these techniques, I am offering this course at the current price for a limited time only.
It is currently offered for $222 and will increase by $100 on Friday, June 2, 2023. Get it today at the lowest price it will ever be.

This course is perfect for you if…
  • Your child needs to see multiple specialists that all require significant copays
  • Your child has needs that require medical care outside of traditional medicine, that most health insurance does not cover
  • Your child requires expensive medication and lab testing
  • You currently have limited financial resources and want to learn the principles of manifestation so you can break free from a cycle of limitations

    Please note: How To Manifest The Best Help For Your Kids does not include coaching or personal support, however coaching is something I do offer and can be purchased in addition to this program at checkout. 

    Click The Button To Enroll And Get Instant Access To This Life Changing Program.

    Don’t spend another sleepless night wondering how you’re going to pay for your child’s medical care.