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Real Estate Services for distressed or complicated Commercial Properties

Do You Need to Resolve a Complicated Real Estate Situation?

Commercial real estate is one of the greatest generational wealth creators there is and it is also fraught with many pitfalls; some anticipated and some not.  Some anticipated problems can get fixed profitably and some can balloon into even greater issues. 

Fortunately, we have solutions for both the unanticipated and the exacerbated situations:

  • Municipal Issues
  • Lender Issues
  • Title Issues
  • Incomplete Construction Projects
  • Mold
  • Right of First Refusal
  • Appraisal Disputes

Tell Us About Your Commercial RE Project

Our Approach

As CRE owner/operator ourselves, we understand the full spectrum of ownership from stability – problem – problem resolution – stability.

First, we review the situation from all facets to fully understand the myriad relevant elements of the property and it’s juxtaposition with the market.  Second, we evaluate the highest-and-best use of the property to determine the best path forward to create and unlock value.  Third, we identify and create the best exit strategies in light of optimizing value and other goals of the ownership.

Solutions RE has a demonstrable track record of conducting structured sales that withstand the scrutiny of a variety of types of oversight.

For example, our sales processes and attendant results have been scrutinized and approved by the following entities:

  • US Attorneys Office – District of New Jersey
  • US Federal District Court
  • US Bankruptcy Court
  • BP – one of the world’s largest corporations
  • County Probate Court

Feasibility Studies

Apply our in-depth market research and expert insights to assess the viability and applicable strategies that might be prudent to implement

CRE Restucturing

Modify your property’s financial, operational, or compliance issues to fix problems and enhance value.

Exit Strategies

We create an exit plan, ideally with multiple options, that works for you.  This may range from development / sales to repositioning the current operations to market making structured sales

Geothermal & Hot Springs

Our experience in these niche properties takes the mystery out of steering you toward successful development.